Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wisdom from "Spotlight"

In the movie Spotlight, (which is about the Boston Globe’s investigation of the sex abuse scandal within the Catholic church), there’s an interesting conversation between reporter Michael Rezendes and Richard Sipe, a former Catholic priest who helped the Globe with their investigation:

Rezendes: Richard, do you still go to mass?

Sipe: No. No, I haven’t been to church for some time now. But I still consider myself a Catholic.

Rezendes: How does that work?

Sipe: Well, the church is an institution, Mike. Made of men. It’s passing. My faith is in the eternal. I try to separate the two.

Rezendes: Sounds tricky.

Sipe: It is.

I agree with Sipe: being able to distinguish between the institution and the eternal is tricky. But it’s also essential — and not just for Catholics.

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